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Amazon country-depended url shortener

Did you know that you lose almost 50% of your comission, because you need another partner id in other countrys. E.g. in europe, china or japan? is a simple totally free service, that redirects your visitors to the right amazon website, with the fitting partner-Id .

This service is used primary for those features:

Give it a try! It is totally free!

The simple version is limited to one Amazon-PartnerID.
If you have multiple Partner ids, please refer to the free expert version.

Examples redirects to FritzBox Product in your Country. redirects with your partnerid

Short Link Generator

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Expert version

The free expert version offers some additional features:
  • add multiple refer-ids for different countries
  • get statistics about your ASIN-Codes and Countries
  • add link generation to your website

To register just use the login form as you would login.
Everything else will be done for you.

Feedback or Requests?

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